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The “Lake-of-Ioannina Running Race” was firstly organized by the Athletic Club“Poseidon Ioanninon” in 2007, under the establishment of great athletic events in Ioannina, while the aims of this organization were the growth ofpopular mass sports, the promotion of our region and the protection of our natural wealth, a part of which consists of the Pamvotis lake.

Today, with the assistance of the Region of Epirus, the Department of Local Government of Ioannina and the Municipality of Ioannina, eleven races of 30 km have been conducted, named “Lake of Ioannina Running Race”, from September 2007 to September 2019,referring to the Lake of Ioannina, while many parallel athletic, cultural and environmental events took place.

As for the Greek athletes’ response, it is spectacularly increased year after year; indicatively, almost 3.900 runners of all ages took part in the race in 2019. The top Greek long distances’ runners and athletes who arrived from all over the world were among them. In just four years, the “Lake of Ioannina Running Race” has been established as one of the most important athletic organizations for the region and it has managed to vindicate the second position at the Long Distances’ Running Races, after the Classical Marathon of Athens, thanks to its organizational completeness, the exceptionally beautiful route by Pamvotis lake and the high levels of participation.

The Lake of Ioannina Running Race in 2010 was dedicated to the memory of George Danikas (long distances runner of A. C. Poseidon Ioanninon), who passed away prematurely.

Statistical graph all the races of Ioannina Lake Run
Lake Run Year Participations
1st 2007 200
2nd 2008 300
3rd 2009 400
4th 2010 850
5th 2011 1600
6th 2012 1400
7th 2013 1453
8th 2014 1100
9th 2015 1552
10th 2016 1977
11th 2017 2500
12th 2018 3500
13th 2019 3900

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