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Ioannina is geographically located on the northwest side of Greece and belongs to the region of Epirus. It is the largest regional unit in Epirus and the third regional unit in Greece (4900km2) with the population of almost 200.000 inhabitants.

The city of Ioannina is mountainous and its altitude reaches the 450 meters. It is:

  • 397km. far from Athens and
  • 260km. far from Thessaloniki.

Τhe city is the financial and administrative centre of northwestern Greece, with much major business and infrastructure and with a convenient access from Athens – Thrace (via Olubia and Ionia Road) and from Macedonia - Thrace (via Egnatia Road), but mostly with convenient access to the port of Igoumenitsa, which is the gate of Greece to Europe, via Egnatia Road.

The city can also be reached by bus from Athens, Thessaloniki, Igoumenitsa and other cities with regular timetables. Regular ferries from Igoumenitsa to the ports of Italy connect Ioannina with Western Europe. There is a modern airport located 4km. far from the centre of Ioannina, with daily flights to Athens performed by Aegean Airlines, too.


From Athens, 379 km:

  • By air, daily flights (flight duration 1 hour).
  • By bus (3 2/3 hours).
  • By car (4 3/4 hours).

From Thessaloniki, 260 km:

  • By bus (3 hours).
  • By car (2 1/4 hours).

From Kakavia, 50 km (entrance to and from Albania):

  • By bus (1 hour).
  • By car (40 minutes).

From Preveza, 100 km:

  • By bus (1.5 hours).
  • By car (1 hour).

From Igoumenitsa, 100 km (international port that communicates with Corfu, Patras, Brindisi, Bari, Ancona and Trieste):

  • By bus (1.5 hours).
  • By car (1 hour).

Useful phones:

KTEL Perfecture Ioannina:: 26510 26211, 27442, 26286, 25014
Airport Ioannina: 26510 83600, 83602
Aegean Airlines: 26510 65200, 65201