Runners from all over Greece and abroad

Runners from all over Greece and abroad

Runners from Alexandroupoli to Elias of Peloponnesus, from Athens and Thessaloniki to Gatwick of England, have already rushed to register on the 9th Ioannina Lake Run, organized by the Athletic Club Poseidon Ioannina, the weekend of 19th and 20th September.


Even thought the biggest attraction for most of the athletes is the 30 km. Ioannina Lake Run itself, however, great is the interest for the 10 km. and 5 km runs, along with the dynamic walking of 30 km. and the original lakeside promenade "Mom – stroller", which complete the competition's two - day program.

The organizers are feverishly preparing for the "Lake Week", which is going to precede the racing weekend, for the first time during the perennial organisation. One week full of workshops, events, activities and numerous surprises that will gradually be announced  in the coming period.

Subscriptions can be made in the following ways:

Online registration: By filling out your personal data on the registration form at automatically completes the registration in the race.

The statement on the collective application for participation is made in

To complete the registration, the corresponding fee must be paid.

 Payment Methods

You can pay with your credit card (Pay-pal, Visa, Eurocard, Mastercard)

Deposit Bank: You can pay your entry deposit to the following bank Piraeus Bank:

IBAN: GR 82 0171 6440 0066 4410 8072 918

No. Account: 6644 - 108072-918

Beneficiary: AO Poseidon Ioannina

CAUTION: In the field of the depositor name must be stated the name of the athlete running, or in the case of group registration, the name of the group leader for data certification.

Via fax or e-mail: You can finish your registration in the race, sending the printed statement via fax at: +3026510 25818 or email: The printed statement can be found in

In person: At the office of the Swimming club A.O POSEIDON IOANNINON at Limnopoula Ioannina (Before the exit of the natatorium) until July 17, 2015 and from September 1st  to September 9th , 2015 (17:00 to 21:00 weekdays).

Charge Form


Ioannina Lake Run 30 km, Dynamic Walking 30km .: 17 euros.

Race 10 km: 12 euros.

5km Road Race: 8 euros.

Lakeside Road "Mom-stroller": Free.

Groups (over 10 people)

Ioannina Lake Run , Dynamic Walking 30km: 15 euros.

Road Race 10km: 10 euros.